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Hello!! I'm Anime Dynasty. I make top anime videos on Youtube and have 79k+ subscribers as of yet.
Why Patreon?
As many of you people know, now YT had a change in it's policies a few months ago and this has led to the demonetization of many YT channels including mine.

So i want all of your support to keep this channel running. I'll still try to fix the problem with YT but please if anyone of you can support me, please do!!.

What'll it achieve?
It'll really help me in continuing making beautiful videos for you all as making videos without any support id a hard task when you also have many other life schedules. It'll benefit both me and you.
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My first and foremost goal is to have a PC or Laptop so that i can make videos using good editing softwares. It'll allow me to make good quality content and it'll also increase the amount of info about the anime I'm able to show in my videos. Such as adding synopsis, release year, production studio etc.
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