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About AnimetalViking

Hey guys! What's happening?

My name is AnimetalViking and I'm known for my passion and knowledge concerning anime and, mainly, heavy metal music. I am mostly recognized for my analysis/discussion videos and various other series like Let's Construct A Concept Album, New Metal Releases To Check Out, Metalhead Reviews Anime Songs, and The AnimetalKast Podcast .

I am a person who believes in supporting fellow artists by promoting and creating awareness about their work through my videos and interactions with them as an aspiring artist myself.

This Patreon is dedicated to allowing me to continue with my work as a critic and promoter of otaku and music culture and to fund all of my creative endeavors to keep you all entertained and, of course, to promote the material of fellow artists and content creators.

You can find my work over on the following platforms:

The main channel where I do all my analytical content, discussion videos, podcasts, and countdown videos.
AnimetalViking Unleashed: My second channel where all my vlogs, AMVs, and other content that does not fit the narrative of my main channel but covers otaku and music culture in a rather broad spectrum.
Facebook: My official Facebook page where I post news, updates, memes, and other random stuff that is related to anime and heavy metal.
Twitter: My official Twitter. Here I am most active. Here I also post anything relating to anime, metal, and the channel.
MAL: Feel free to send me a friend request over on MyAnimeList!
Reddit: My official subreddit. Here you can have more in depth discussions about my videos without the constant trolling of the YouTube comments.
Blogspot: This is where I post the text versions of my videos if you are more into reading than watching videos.

This is a monthly Patreon page and you will be charged up front so that when you sign up you have easy access to the reward tiers. And I will post all the weekly links here so that you don't miss a thing!
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I will be able to afford a better camera for better quality videos and  livestreams.
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