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Thanks for feeding me breakfast! Aha~

In this tier, you can see the general stuff I stick into my sketchbooks and tablet, as well as updates on my future plans and arts! <3


  • Casual doodles and sketches
  • Concept art for projects and characters
  • General updates and cat pics
Cool Kidz Club!
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Thanks for bein' cool and helping me get new books and stuff! :'0

As such a loyal supporter, you can even get a custom reward aaaA~ A free sketch request (halfbody OR chibi) monthly of you, your OC or a canon character! <3

You'll also get to vote on polls for the theme of the next big piece of art, adopt batch or YCH!

Lastly, you'll have access to progress shots of my bigger art pieces, animations and comic pages! C:


  • All previous rewards
  • Listed as supporter on social medias
  • Get one free sketch request monthly
  • Ability to vote for the theme of next big art piece/adopt page/YCH/etc
  • WIPs for animations, big art pieces, comic pages etc
Lifesaver! <3
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Sksksk you just beautiful! Tysm for your encouraging support! <3 

As a thank you, you'll get a free flat colour chibi headshot monthly! (Of you, your OC or a canon character!)

You'll also have access to alllllll of my bases for use, 25% off all commissions, adopts and YCHs over $3 AUD!

Lastly, early access to full-sized comic page downloads! <3


  • All previous rewards
  • One free flat colour chibi headshot monthly
  • 25% of all commissions/YCHs/adopts
  • Early access to full-sized PNG art/comic downloads




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Hi! I'm Anjach, and I operate as just... a smol artist on DeviantArt, Youtube and Facebook. I mostly do digital illustrations, but from time to time I'll also make a little animation or short story. <3 
I've been doing all these for as long as I remember and plan to continue into my future! 

I usually take commissions but as I continue forward and go through the development of my just-begun-planning-stage comic Soot & Ash, I hope that I'll gain a few people that would like to support me by joining my Patreon when I'm unable to do commission work due to my wrist injury or any other issues-
Speaking of! Any funds I gain will go towards medical expenses (physiotherapy is likely) for my tendonitis, and also in the case of any failures in technology I need for this work. ;-; They will also go to daily expenses like noms, gifts, pencils, books and such.

As rewards, I plan to release exclusive content of course (stuff that won't be posted on social media for a long time or never), WIPs, concept work and possibly tutorials or art/writing tips. As incentive there'll also be discounted designs and commissions and such, haha. I'll be working on ways to enhance the Patreon experience for those who want to support me. <3

Thank you for considering me! <3

$0 of $50 per month
If I get to this amount, I can add another tier and bring out more rewards like increasing the quality of free monthly drawings, raffles, more animations, etc~ <3
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