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About Anna Janises

Hej (that's hello in Swedish)!

My name is Anna. I have a huge passion for planning, time management, goal setting, the creative process and stationery; I love to make my organisation as beautiful and as functional as I can!

I have a YouTube channel and an Instagram account where I walk through how I have done my weekly spreads in both videos and photo form, as well as a shop where I share my best creations with you. These range from inserts that I have specially designed to uniquely bound physical planners and notebooks that will simplify and enrich your life.

My Patreon is a chance for you to get your hands on some exclusive content, from special Patreon-only livestreams, handwritten letters, to one-on-one video sessions where we can discuss any planner queries or social media woes (because let's face it, we all have those!). If you're a planning addict too, you're going to want to stick around! Becoming a Patron will also allow you access to exclusive planner layouts and artwork so your organisation can look amazing and make your planning both more functional and prettier!

xx Anna
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At 75 Patrons I will be able to invest in new equipment that will let me bring more fun stuff back to you - such as stickers, glossy die cuts and vellum!
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