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is creating music, films, and community events
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About Anna Robins

Hey everyone!

First of all, thank you for taking the time to check out my work! Below are descriptions of my current projects and what your money will be supporting. As things change, finish, and evolve, I will update this section. To the right you will find the different levels you can contribute. Your contribution goes to the collective pot that fuels my passion projects as a freelancing artist who focuses mainly on film, music, and community events. Know that I will always be honest with my resources, and that your contribution isn’t just for me - it’s for the community we are all building together around this work!

If you don’t have time to go through all of my passion projects below (from one busy bee to another) here’s the gist - Your contribution helps support my work like going towards new equipment, software, materials, and other artist expenses. You can check out my personal websites at and Thanks!

Film - Héčhetu Welo
I was fortunate to finish my first real documentary this past year - A 20-minute film about the beginnings, early life, and inspiration Dwayne Wilcox (Lakota Visual Artist) experienced growing up on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. I shot, edited, animated, and scored it all myself! Right now we’re in the process of entering it in film festivals and working up some extra content including an album of the soundtrack. Your support helps with festival submission fees, screening fees, and the cost of the putting the extra content together.
Learn more about this project at this link:

Music - Production/YouTube content
As some of you might know I have a YouTube channel that has grown quite significantly over the years! Due to some life changes and work I had to step back from it for a while, but I am picking it up again! New songs - originals and covers and new videos! Maybe some educational stuff too! Your support helps cover the time and resources needed to produce this work.
Learn more about this project at this link:

The Grit Cooperative
At the end of 2018 I launched a new passion project combining my love of filming and the outdoors called “The Grit Cooperative - Insight from Women in the Field!” I aim to feature experienced and expert outdoors-women by making quality videos about outdoor tips and tricks, gear reviews, and other ideas as they come up! I’m lucky that I know a good number of local women who know their stuff! Eventually though, this project may require some travel to film other women. This could become something big, but as with any start-up, all the investment is coming from me. Your support contributes to new film equipment, travel expenses, and the time it takes to put this all together.Check out the project here:

Singing Doe | Workshop & Showcase
In 2017 I co-founded and organized a local community event called “Singing Doe - Workshop & Showcase”. It’s all about Women in Music, specifically in the plains region (South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, and Minnesota). Our first event was AMAZING! We had a whole day of workshops with an evening showcase featuring local talent! It was so well received we decided to keep it going, and of course I got big dreams for this. Our next event will be March 8th-9th 2019, over International Women’s Day! We’re bringing back the workshops (some additional topics), the showcase, and adding an open mic! OH and did I mention this event is 100% FREE to attendees??? Yes, we have an amazing community here.Currently every single person working hard to put this on is volunteering their time. Eventually we will be in a place where we can receive funds, grants, and sponsors, but that time is still a ways away.
As a general supporter of this artist (me) you will be supporting my work with Singing Doe so that it can be big and beautiful and reach more people in our greater community.
Learn more about this project at this link:
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