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About Anna The Singer

Music really is a language. You can say anything you want in any way you want and even if the words you use are gibberish, the meaning is still there. Music is a lifeline to your emotions. Music is a friend when you're surrounded by strangers. For me, music is the whole point. Whether it's listening to the radio, singing covers, composing my own songs -- music brings me so much joy and purpose. And more than anything I want to share that feeling with you. If you're like me and music keeps your world spinning, this is the place where you can help make more music, more emotion, more meaning possible. 
Right from the moment I figured out mouths could be used for singing, I've been singing. Around that same time I discovered fingers were for writing. So I wrote and sang, wrote and sang my way through childhood. And over the past few years I've started writing and singing together.
This is my creative space where I create music, videos and more. This is also where I share my journey because it is so, so important to me that YOU, my fans, join me in my creative process and space. It's all about sharing the love and music is love.
Thank you for sharing in my journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you -- each and every one of you -- for believing in me! None of this is possible without your support!

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