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About Anne Schuler

Hi!! My name is Anne, I'm a comic creator. 26 years old. Since I'm a narcissist, the main thing I love to draw is myself! Which is the basis for my auto-bio comic, Sarcasm and Narcissism on Tapastic.
I'm going to school for comics, but my real love is cartoons. I've always enjoyed watching cartoons, but since seeing Steven Universe, I've decided that's what I'd like to do with my life. It's fun to watch cartoons, not just because they're entertaining, but because I love knowing how much effort the entire creative team puts into an episode, and how proud they must be of their work. I hope to join them one day.

I've never done this before, but I'm really excited to join Patreon! This money will go a long way to helping me stay in Canada and pursue my career in art. 

I'm really happy if you decide to join me and support my work. :') Thank you so so so much in advance!!
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Since college has started up again, I really need money for art supplies. Newsprint, inking pens, pencils, markers, sketchbooks. (etc.) There's a ton of things I need, and this would really help me out. :)
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