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Awesome Fans have their username displayed on screen while I do my outro! ♥
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About Annesia

Hey guys! I'm Alex from Annesia. I'm making gaming videos, vlogs, art and music videos too.This is my Patreon where you can donate to help me make videos! donators will receive shout outs at the end of the video, 

Awesome Fans: Awesome fans get their name or username of choice on the screen while I do the outro.
Super Fans: Super Fans get special thank you shout out at the end of each video.

I want to stop for a moment and thank each and every one of you that even considers donating to help me make my youtube dreams come true!!♥♥♥
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If I reach 50 patrons, I'll put up a poll for YOU guys to pick something stupid I have to do! It can be anything from dancing behind strangers and screaming in public, to challenges of all sorts!
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