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About Annie Segarra

My name is Annie Segarra (aka Annie Elainey) and I am a content creator, YouTuber, and intersectional activist.

Recently diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome; after my health took an abrupt decline, I have decided to focus just on my health and creating content, and hope that you'll consider supporting me on this journey.

Using the tools I have available to me, I am determined to devote any usable time and energy to create content that allows me to creatively express myself while simultaneously engaging people with thought provoking and entertaining material.

My channel and my blog cover many topics such as disability, body image, media representation, LGBTQ, and other aspects of my identity, as well as reviews, activities/daily life, music, art, and original writing.

I hope that my creativity will not only save me emotionally in times of isolation and difficulties, but will also allow me to support myself economically. I use every bit of energy I can in order to create. If you like my art, my writing, my videos, photography, or my social media presence in general, if my work and labor has ever positively impacted you, please consider becoming a Patron!

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