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About Annie Moses Band

Hello! We love bringing you beautiful music that tells a story. Now, with your help we are bringing that music and those stories to life in stunning music videos that spark your creative imagination. 

When you become a patron of our music videos, we can create videos to fill the world with beautiful, life-giving messages for our time. With your support we can make inspiring videos, whether we're capturing the transcendent beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains or a taking a fantastic trek to the West, telling the story of America and the music of our nation.

Patreon is an ingenious way for artists like us to communicate with you. When you give an amount (any amount) per video released, you gain access to a world of AMB content that we will be designing just for you. You can then share these videos with friends or family!

So set your amount and join us in the ongoing adventure to occupy our world with beauty.

There are many levels and ways to contribute, or you can set the specific amount of your own pledge per creation we release. Together we will fill the hearts, minds, eyes, and ears of the next generation with art communicating truth. beauty, and goodness. Thanks for being an indispensable part of our team!

$532 of $750 per Music Videos
Once we hit $750 per video, we will give all of our patrons a free unique-to-our-patrons Annie Moses Band poster! This is only for those who were our patrons when we hit $750, no one else.
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