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About Jeremy Anninos

Thanks for taking the time to check out this page! I have some huge goals and I hope you can be a part of them.

I am Jeremy Anninos, a young freelance Concept artist and Illustrator. I am still new to the industry, but I have already been blessed with the opportunity to work with and learn from companies such as Riot Games, Spiritwalk Games, and Toys for Bob. Artist-made teaching materials have been the biggest source of growth for me personally, and this is a chance for me to give the same resource to you guys. Hopefully I will be able to bring you lessons and tips that you haven't seen before!

I am still very early in my art journey, and I hope to share my growth and progress with you. This is a place where I will upload guides, tutorials, and sketches that will continue to get better as I do. 

Thank you again for your support!

About Payments:
I have chosen a Per Creation payment method, however I will not be posting a creation more than once per month. This is an easier format for how I will post content. This system will have a deadline to pledge.

If you pledged before the monthly deadline (The last day of each month, around 7 Pm PST) you will receive that month's package/content and your card will be charged on the 1st. You will not be charged for signing up, only after. 

If you miss that deadline, you will not receive the content, and your card will not be charged. You will remain pledged however, and you will have access to and pay for the next month's content

$100 – reached! per Creation
I will definitely adjust goals as they're reached, but this amount would already be absolutely amazing. This would free up a lot of time for me to add more of both quality and quantity to all of my content
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