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My husband Andy and I have a vision - a vision of a world enriched by abundant creativity and many different manifestations of beauty; where people show love and act in a caring manner as a matter of course, even towards people they don't know or whose views are different from their own; where people work on their own self-development and inner happiness, for the greater good; where positive change for environmental, social and economic sustainability is high on the priority list of every person and influences decision-making at all levels; where every person and their unique gifts are valued equally, given opportunities to thrive and flourish, and where nobody is looked down upon.

Andy & I are a band, called "Love Revolution", whose aim is to try to spread these ideas and encourage people to join us in our life's mission of bringing this vision to reality. It can be summed up like this - our mission is to spread love through music. I also like to spread love through encouraging other people to tap into their own creativity, explore their unique talents, live a fulfilling and emotionally rewarding life, and connect with one another. Ultimately, it's all about the connection - we are all one <3

So I, often with my husband Andy, create content in which these aims are embedded. For example, we might write a song to encourage people to think about an aspect of our vision for a thriving, loving world; or we create something beautiful to enrich people's experience of life; or perhaps we write a song which uplifts you and makes you want to dance a dance of pure inner happiness; or maybe we write a song which makes you cry and helps you cope with and move on from a difficult experience.

And it's not just about songwriting, although that is a huge part of what I do. I also love to write about a variety of topics I'm passionate about (current and previous articles include those published in Vegetarian Living Magazine and Better Life Choices e-Magazine) and I love to connect with people and help them access their own creative expression. In my 'offline' life I run community music workshops, lead a community choir, and teach 1:1 singing and instrumental lessons; (see and; I would love to bring these activities in some form into my Patreon offer too, perhaps via Skype. I'm passionate about nurturing and encouraging people to believe in themselves and develop their natural talents, and I believe that the first steps in working together towards a better world are nurturing our own spirits and connecting on a deep and meaningful level with one another.

If you like my ethos and would like to support me to continue and develop my work and to create regular content, I would love to connect with you through this innovative and mutually beneficial platform. Our world can only thrive through reciprocity.

Thank you in advance for showing your love and support <3

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