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About Anthoknees

Who are you?

Hi. My name is Anthony James Williams, sometimes known as antho-knees. First of all: thank you for even considering becoming a patron. And thank you to the folks who currently support me or have supported me in the past.

I often write analysis and criticism rooted in my own lived experience as well as my own studies, both formal and informal. Much of the knowledge I learned came from folks like my mother, friends I know in person, women of color + femmes + non-binary + trans folks I've never met, things I read, and books on books on books on books. In an effort to pass on that knowledge and be publicly accountable for the mistakes I make, I often bypass approaching a publisher and just publish it for free online. This most often takes the form of a thread of tweets on Twitter or 800-2,500 word pieces on Medium.

What is Patreon and why should I pay?

Patreon works by supporting creators with a monthly contribution. I do a lot of intellectual and emotional labor for free, particularly online, but also in person. While many people do not have the means, those who do pay for labor and thereby make it  accessible for those with internet connections. As a patron you directly compensate me for my labor and you can cancel at any time. Benefits include my sincere thanks, public shotouts if you so desire, and the opportunity to request me to write pieces like "rugby thighs save lives" or twitter threads about love, inspiration, autism, change, or music.

And since we are dealing with money, transparency is important. I'm currently a fulltime student in a PhD program. I'm paid $25,000 for nine months of teaching undergraduates, taking classes, and writing, and funding not guaranteed during the summer. This means that I make roughly $2,777 a month for nine months, or $2,083 a month during a year without summer funding. With Los Angeles rent at $1,175, between 42-56% of my annual income goes to rent, so Patreon helps supplement my living expenses. Food, shelter, and my dog. So in short, I appreciate you for reading this far, even if you do not contribute. Thank you.
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The final frontier. With roughly $25,000 a year, $1,000/month means my salary would go up to $37,000 a year, which makes life so much easier. I can pay my bills, I can get Apple an extra treat, I can pay it forward, and I can maybe even save a little for a rainy day! Thank you.
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