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is creating Fantasy Stories and Audio Fiction
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About Nikki Flynn & Edwin Dantès

We are writers in the fantasy genre. We have been writing our world of Ullord collaboratively for several years now. There are many characters, races, gods and concepts that are unique to our literary world.

Our writing has also now begun crossing over into the realm of audio works. After having worked with actors over several projects, we have fallen in love with the audio medium as a means of storytelling and thus, we have begun adapting our literature into audio stories.

Our audio works are available on youtube and soundcloud should you want a better idea of what we are about.

This is what we create:
Curse of the Blight:
Spiritual Nomad: Inspiration:
Pramod's Request:
The Proteus Haunting:
Cosmic Potential:
Cosmic Intervention:
Mortal Divinity:

Thank you for your time!

40% complete
We'll put up a rough draft of a short story each month.
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