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A monthly "Thank you" on a Patreon only video posted each month. Plus entry into winning a custom sketch of your choice!
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My sincerest 'thank you' - as well as access to Patreon-only sketches! Monthly black and white signature on my Patreon wall, which will also be uploaded here for you to download!
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Monthly signature of your choice, sent to you on the 1st of each month! Great way to keep your Twitter/YouTube/Twitch/Steam name relevant and exciting!

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About Anthony Accinelli

Hello friends - Anthony Accinelli here. You may have found me via Twitch TV (anthonyacc) or perhaps scattered around the Twitterverse (anthonyacc). Either way, welcome to my Patreon page - it's a pleasure to have you.

I'm very excited to introduce my *new* Patreon page for the creative side of myself. Here you will be able to support me in my dream to full-time freelance artist, while reaping benefits such as monthly (personal) avatars, signatures, headers, and even paintings.

Thank you, once again, for even visiting this page. I can't say that enough. 

I'm very excited to take this journey with you and hope to see these dreams become real with your support.
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Thank you so much! I'm going to draw a "Whoa!" poster and will send it digitally to all of you!
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