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This Patreon page is to help me develop 3d designs, with an ultimate goal of Humanoid robotics.
Over the years I have worked on a wide range of designs but I've not been able to focus on humanoid robotics due to my freelance work. Hopefully a patreon will allow me to focus on my design work.
You can see and download a number of my designs over at Thingiverse.
I also have designs available to purchase over at Shapeways.

Why my approach to robotics is a little different.
So you may be asking why I haven't just bolted a bunch of servos together and made a humanoid robot? This is certainly a common way to go and there are many examples
Well all these robots miss out some fundamental features that are needed when mimicking the human body. The main features being compliance and parallel actuation. Compliance meaning that it can interact with the world passively. If you knock a limb, it should deform and you shouldn't feel like you just walked into a piece of furniture. This is very important if you want to move a robot in a human facing role. 
The second part is parallel actuation. Most humanoid robots consist of daisy chains of servos making up a limb, which is called series actuation. The human body however often uses multiple muscles around a single joint, and includes muscles that span 2 or more joints. The reason they do this is likely because evolution found it favourable to have a muscle between these particular bones. These allow for a muscle to contribute to various different motions, whilst the series set up in a typical robot limits a servo to just one motion. In a series robots shoulder you need several servos of equal power in order to provide the same amount of power over the entire range of movement of the shoulder. In the human shoulder many muscle fibres can contribute over the range of motion of the shoulder and thus be more efficient.

How do I hope to implement this?
There is a new type of robotics called soft robotics. You may have seen some examples in the news. They offer inherent compliance as they are made from soft materials. They are flexible and can me made in several forms and so can be used to make parallel actuated joints, and bi and many articulated joints.
However most soft robots miss something the human body has. That being bones! Bones limit the range of motion of the muscles and resist compressive strengths. These are actually strengths that conventional robots have. I want to combine the best of both worlds and give soft robots bones.    

Soft robotics works well with 3D printing. Either directly 3D printing soft parts, or by casting them. This is within my experience, So the only matter is resources and time. 

Beyond the Robot?
Once funded and I have a working humanoid design, then I can incorporate AI into it! This will likely include integration with platforms such as ROS (robotic operating system). Ultimately I'd like to combine it with an artificial general intelligence based on what I have learned about the brain. I have a few ideas, based on evolution of the brain, fetal brain development, white matter wiring etc that I haven't seen modelled before.  

The blog covering my work up till now is available at
I will add some examples that I have worked on in additional posts.
I want to thank anyone who supports me. Thank you for sharing the vision.
$0 of $200 per month
This will typically let me build several small or one moderate scale test piece per month. The amount covers printing resin, casting silicone and any other small scale expenses. 
Models used during the tests will be made available to patrons.
Pretty much allows regular progress to be made.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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