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Petite Soeur is a single person that provides translations for weekly events and has been doing such for close to 4 years while also having over a decade of experience doing fan translations for Japanese comics. 

Based on 3 story mission maps with an epilogue that amounts to 4523 characters of text, I do roughly 171 USD worth of work a week below the minimum translator rate. If I drop that to 140 per week, that's at most 602 USD of work per month.

By pledging, you gain early access to the current week's event information file that will be posted publicly after the dialogue translations have been proofread. In addition, you gain access to special content if it's made available for that current week and can request that I translate a certain amount of content (within reason) for you.

Depending on the goal and workload in a given week, I may also translate the Exchange Events for specific characters, or other related content (i.e. comics, light novels, etc.).

(Online) Event Archive:
$71 of $200 per month
If there is a week with barely any dialogue, I'll translate an Exchange Event (1~3 depending on character). The character will be decided by patrons.
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