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Hey guys, my name is is Michael Winn of Alpha Omega Animation Design. Welcome to my Patreon Page and thanks for checking it out!

I have been working in the industry for a space of time now and currently I work as a contract freelancer on various projects as well as in art education at various levels where I teach animation and design. ARMSmasters is my action-fantasy property inspired by gaming, anime, superheroes and adventure and I have been developing it for a handful of years as a pitch worthy setting for network television and other distributions.  The landscape has dramatically changed since I first began this effort. With the exception of a Kickstarter a few years back, ARMSmasters has been entirely self-funded but it has been difficult to work truly full time on this project. I have joined Patreon in the hopes of gaining some ongoing support for ARMSmasters continued animation and artistic development and I hope you all will be willing to come along for the ride!


Patreon is a platform that enables you – the patron – to participate in project developments made by creators, such as myself.s. It’s an amazing platform that connects creative with their fans while also enabling them to become more independent and funded so they can more easily pursue their artwork and provide content for you! By pledging to me you will be contributing towards the ongoing development of ARMSmasters and related works by providing the financial support that's sorely needed for these artistic efforts.

You are charged once per month for the amount you've chosen to pledge. Every pledge helps. You can pledge as little as $1.00 and the more you pledge opens up different tiers of incentives.


Patreon lets you directly support the art you enjoy. Money earned from Patreon will be used to further the development of ARMSmasters. This means at times it may help cover daily expenses, so the lead artist can dedicate more time to working on it, be used to pay voice actors, musicians and additional artists for their help, purchase software and hardware updates, marketing efforts such as ads and comic/anime conventions and related things.

You are supporting a series of art development, animation shorts, world building (script writing, series bibles, etc.) resulting multiple related short animation pieces in the form of teaser trailers and short films and related artistic content (posters, prints, model sheets, art books, etc.)


Every week Patrons can expect patron exclusive updates with artwork from my considerable back log of production artwork, updates on ARMSmasters progress, work in progress images, rough animation, high resolution art files, tutorials, animation files (delivered as either .psd or .tvpp (rvpaint) files), story content and, at least once a month, a dedicated animation update on the process of the current project. My process, tutorials and related will all be part of that. Later, once my equipment gets up to speed, I will begin doing livestreams and similar features as well. 


There are a number of immediate goals under way that your patronage will immediately contribute to. These project's are ongoing  so now is a great time to jump on board and become a participant in their developments. It's a busy series of months up ahead.

  • The ARMSmasters Project: Elysian Cross: Styled in the fashion of an anime or game opening, Elysian Cross is an updated short-form animation that features all of the major ARMSmasters characters and a brief peek into the world and the challenges that await them. Where Phase Zero was a proof of concept focusing on introducing Riot, Elysian Cross will utilize the entire cast and is our “next big thing.”
  • Production Art Updates: All of the characters are getting design overhauls to bring them up to specs. This largely entails model sheet overhauls, expressions and updated action shots.
  • Updated Prints/Key Art Key Art/Poster Art/Prints 
  • Story and Setting Updates and ongoing development.


Thank you! Every dollar helps. Spreading the word helps! The more eyes that are on this project the better! This literally could not be done without your help and the help of those who have enabled this to get this far. I appreciate all of you and look forward to creating more content with your aid!

 Michael Winn - Creator - Owner - Artist/Animator

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 33 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 33 exclusive posts
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