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is creating The Gen X Series
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About Joshua Williams

First of all, thank you for checking us out. We hope that you can picture the vision below and join us on our endeavors.

So here's the thing...

We are putting together a series called 'Gen X'. It is a very multi-culturaled series that involves people of various ethnicities in a particular city. The city is undergoing mass displacement due to high crime rates and other factors that devalue the area. Instead of letting the city go to waste, the leaders decide that they can profit from a form of "mass integration" as they attempt to buy out the city's businesses and homes, to give to those who are more capable of paying larger amounts of money for better living. Initially, the plan begins with integrity, but as time goes on it becomes extremely corrupt. Realizing what is at stake, and acknowledging the consequences of having a lack of appreciation for the city they call home, the residents attempt to rebuild and establish a better living for themselves. However, it's not to be done  without fierce opposition and affliction from the leaders. This forces the people to make one of two choices: Fight or Flight. 


Can you see the vision? We definitely can! Our goal is to eventually attain a spot on platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or any others we are capable of featuring it on. With your help, we can really make this happen! With every dollar amount given it will be considered as a gift to us, and we will be tremendously grateful for your decision to help make the vision come to life. 

What is given will go towards obtaining the necessary equipment needed to provide everyone with the highest quality in Footage (cameras, lenses, gimbals and etc.), Sound (microphones, mic cables, boom stands and etc.), Lighting, and Processing (computers, editing software, compositing software and etc.), allowing for professional cinematography for you to enjoy. 

We appreciate everyone who has given, is giving, and will continue to give faithfully to the A.O.P Patreon. We don't expect everything to happen at once, neither are we expecting it to. Yet, we are determined to make it happen, because it will, and we look forward to making the plan turn into picture.
$0 of $5,000 per month
This goal is to ensure that we get great quality lenses that we will need to get to produce amazing quality. We don't expect to obtain everything at once, but this will definitely give us a great start!

*10% of this will go towards the charity of the choosing of one randomly selected Patreon*

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