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About Aortic Inkwell

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My name is Nicole a.k.a. "Aortic Inkwell". I've been drawing pretty much my entire life and now I feel I'm at that point I should be doing something meaningful with it and sharing with all of you.


I'm here to improve upon my skills while providing my patrons with a story I've been developing for years that's deeply personal to me. I quit my job (due to heath concerns) so that I could focus on doing art full time. Currently, conventions are my sole source of income but it’s hard at the moment to make ends meet so this project of mine keeps getting put to the side while I try to take on work to keep afloat. Support on Patreon would mean the world to me so I can devote everything I've got to developing and promoting my story. At this time, I can't do it alone so that is why I set up this page. With your help, I'm sure I'll be able to make it. 


I typically use ink and watercolor as my main mediums in most of my works. Other tools I work with are Prismacolor markers and colored pencils, gouache paint and pastel.

What I'm hoping to accomplish with my comic is a level of detail that I usually save for my more intricate illustrations (some of which can be seen on my Instagram: @aorticinkwell). I would love to put out a fully rendered comic (in both color and B+W) in which any page could stand alone as a work of art worthy of wall space. 


The story is titled "Morgaleya". In the first part that I'd like to share with you, it will revolve around a moth-man named "Raoown". Raoown is an enslaved prince whose remaining tribe members are held captive by the tyrant "Roan" and his gang of faithful followers. As the story progresses, he will encounter a being of the forest unlike any he has ever seen before, the warrior Rodendra. What he is able to learn from her may help him put an end to Roan and save what remains of his people while meeting strangers that will change the course of his life, for better or worse, it is uncertain.

It's just one part of a larger story I've always wanted to put on paper (and someday) into a book! I'm currently planning on releasing it as a webcomic before collecting it into volumes. 

Morgaleya is a story that is intended for teens and adults as I was inspired by comics like "The Savage Sword of Conan" growing up. It will have LBGTQ themes and explore other issues that are deeply personal to me such as mental illness.  


Not only will you receive my undying love and gratitude but, depending on the tier, you will get:

  • Access to Patreon exclusive posts where I will share art from the comic and various illustrations/sketches before I make them public.
  • Coloring pages
  • 8.5"x11" prints. 
  • Personalized mini-sketches.
  • As progress continues on the comic, chapters will be collected into PDFs and shared with patrons.
  • Sketch requests.
  • YouTube streams. (Once I acquire the appropriate equipment) 
  • Access to the Lens feature! 

As milestones are reached, I will be more than happy to add to the incentives! 

I do hope that I can have your support in order to accomplish what I've only been able to dream about! Thank you for reading! 

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It's a start! Thank you to everyone who has jumped onboard! You guys are swell~!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts