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About Apollo

Hi! My name is Fi and I am an artist/animator! I create Illustrations, Comics, GIFS, Animations, speedpaints, and very occasionally 3D models. 

My work usually involves some degree of the extraordinary; whether it be aliens, superheroes, or magic as these are all things that I love and enjoy expressing in my work. My work is largely digital, and is primarily done using a mixture of Photoshop, Blender, Zbrush and Opentoonz. 

My main project as of now is a webcomic called Synthesis; The story of a pyrokinetic superhero named Fawkes having to become a mentor to the young newcomer Hima as they protect the city of Lowridge. If you like the sound of that, please check it out on tapas!; https://tapas.io/series/Synthesis1
Synthesis also happens to be part of a larger fictional universe I have been cultivating for some years now called the Paradise Universe; of which I hope to upload sketches and concepts of here!

I do hope you like what you see and decide to stick around; every little helps and I will do my best to deliver!

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