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You! You are the Queen of our show! Because you make it possible. And we wanna thank You very much for that! 

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Who is the King?

You! You are the King of our show! Because you make it possible. And we wanna thank You so much for that! 

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What is Patreon?
  Patreon is a platform for creative individuals or teams which works like magic and allows us to do what we love to do. This platform really reminds us Steve Jobs and his message to all young students about great work. "To do something great you must find what You love to do. And if you have not found it yet. Keep looking do not settle."  

What is

   It is a very simple but super dope and creative idea inspired by Tim Ferris and his video on youtube called "how to apply stoic philosophy to your life". And as our life is all about YouTube. We wanted to apply this wisdom to our Student Bros Internetainment channel. And because we feel sorry that Apple products are still out of reach to many many students. We wanted to help You guys. We decided to sell real apple fruits to students on campuses and at the same time give them a real chance to win some brand new Apple product.

    We were really excited about this idea. And went for it pretty hard. And even though our execution was pretty bad we never gave up! So at the moment when we discovered and all the added value we can give to our biggest fans and YouTube subscribers. We were immediately hooked and super excited again. We are looking forward to being able to get in touch with all our patrons to show them our deepest gratitude by creating value just for all of You who make our YouTube show possible and we feel truly blessed to be able to inspire You and make You laugh every single day.

Would You rather be our friend or social networking sites or receive exclusive content and know about everything sooner than your friends :)? So You can shine with the latest news from us sooner than anybody on youtube will hear about it :). We would also really appreciate encouragement messages from all of you Guys so we can collect print them on wooden bricks in our first hired studio in Prague. Sounds dope right? Smash that reward button right now! And become part of our family!!!

   We will be in touch with you on weekly basis. We wanna encourage you guys to think different. So instead of giving something to our show we established all our goals for You and will send You Apple products as soon as we reach those goals. It is a win-win. We will be able to make this dope show for You and You will get much more than we can give our subs on YouTube and even a dope chance to win latest Apple Watch, Macs and even the coolest iMacPro!

Who is the King? Who is the Queen?
   We love Tony Robbins or Tonny Brobbins as we call him secretly :). So when we ask: "Who is the king?????" We expect You to say aloud "i"!!!! One more time who is the King?

R.U. Ready to become part of this magical movement? Smash it today! And Welcome to your new school Of YouTube Magic!

Get ready! Prepare your finger (or wand if you have one :)). And try this magic spell with us :)
   Congratulations you have just created your first truly magical shield around yourself which will protect You against negative thinking because we will make you smile and motivated every single day to reach your goals and dreams and to live your very own happiest life possible!
   The more you will practice this spell the happier you are gonna feel! Guaranteed esp. if You have ADD like me.

Written by R.K.Glorking, 10thApril2018
 - our vision keeper, vegan and best-selling author!
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