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Thank you! Due to financial stress the comic is on hold.  




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We appreciate those who supported so far and hopefully we will return in the future.
Thank you so much for you support.

aPPlejaZZ  is a character based Asian Ball Jointed Doll photo comic. 

This is Boy Love story about indie music fans & artists brought together by serendipity to form a band. It contains a little bit of everything, like life!  It follows the life of this group who are socially inadequate in their own way, trying to survive the present while forgetting about their past, and finding a future they never expected.

Laken, a reckless photography graduate, rents the spare room at a flat in the city.  It doesn't take him long to realise Kieran, his new flatmate, is a sexual deviant with little concept of morality or pride. Across the hall, Hayaki, a handsome but strange illustration student, shares a flat with his best friend Takeru, a mysterious science genius.
Amongst their social awkwardness and lies, they somehow decide to form a band, the aPPlejaZZ, and try to find their place in society together.

Well, thanks so much for reading this far!!
And here is where I put my palms together and ask for your support ^o^

I've been creating this story and developing these characters since 2008. I have always wanted to put it all together in one big series, but I never had the opportunity... until now! 
Because I use dolls (and they are very big dolls) I almost always find myself needing to improvise on setting, so I either build things on my own, commission others or acquire then when I can find anything the right size, in order to make the scenes as realistic as possible.

Your support would not only make the comic better but it would also allow me to work a lot faster to give you more updates a week than I can do now. In return for the contribution I will be giving exclusive photographs of all the characters in the story, including the ones not in the comic yet. I plan on photography editing tutorials and give away print size files of comic covers & posters as well as  postcards and, hopefully, a copy of the 1st book when I get it printed.

If you contribute with any amount, any doll photography I submit will be available to you.
$2 will give you a printable postcard size
$5 give you exclusive A4 printable photos

The webcomic is free and you don't need Patreon to read it. It can be found here 
official webcomic website

The aPPlejaZZwebcomic is uploaded here:

Hopefully, with your help, we can eventually take this comic to the next level!
$2 of $20 per
A very small goal but for me it's a big big step! With 20 a month I can keep the website and the domain running!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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