Patron-only mailing lists


Maintain an airtight mailing list of patrons. Keep lists of all patrons, or segment by reward tier.

Once connected, Zapier runs in the background to update your MailChimp lists. As soon as patrons create a pledge, they are automatically added to your mailing list. You can also hook up a separate Zapier integration to remove patrons who delete their pledge from the list. You can email your patrons with exclusive content whenever you like!


  • Maintain patron-only email mailing lists
  • Tier mailing lists by patronage level
  • Keep a water-tight list at all times, ready to email

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Pricing and perks

"This integration uses Zapier, which offers a free tier where you can have 5 zaps free forever

Similarly, Mailchimp offers a free forever plan that limits you to 2,000 subscribers"