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Reza here, I am the founder of Aprion Studio, an independent creative studio located in the proud city of Bekasi. We are bunch of folks having a same passion in the game development subject having launched several games into Google Playstore.

Being an independent studio like we are now, we cannot always focusing our development solely for a game because we know that we are still a very small indie team with a little to none experience in this area. That is why we are joining Patreon.

So what can we offers to our supporters?

Before making a game,  one of our crew was having a successful (and fun) time developing several professional design templates. It converted so well to those who knew the project back then and we think that a good tools like this should be known to just everyone. Here is the kind of design templates that we made

It is pretty easy to use our tools, just point and click and you got a solid foundation to your next illustration content.

With your supports, we can continue the development of this tool (and any other tools that we developed) to becomes better.. with more design elements comes every week!

ps. we also make a tools for animated character and we will release it for our supporters. You can check the tools on letsanimate.design

As an independent studio, Patreon will help us in gaining stable income baseline so we can focus on work without worrying about paying staff and gradually decreasing ads revenue.
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Thank you for supporting us,! it means a lot that a speial someone like you actually appreciated our work ;)

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You're special! We're make sure you get new design templates (new character kit) 2-3 per months.
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You're Superb! You will get all the rewards below this tier PLUS a character animation templates like letsanimate.design (2-3 each month!)
You have my special ears for you!
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You're Fantastic! You will get all the rewards below this tier PLUS a you can request a design elements to us! We will try to do our best to create your request when the time is available!
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First milestone!

We can make a premium quality of design tool coming every month for you. Here is what's the premium tool looks like (sample) http://www.aprionstudio.com/character-e
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