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Want to pledge to me, but don't have a lot to spare? I understand 100%! I am honestly like this for most people I pledge to, so I settle for just giving a dollar. It might not sound like much, but trust me. The very thought that you want to support me means more than you know, no matter how much it is. Thank you very much for your consideration!
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Want to pledge to me, not have a lot to spend, but think $1 is too cheap? Then how about $3? Again, it might not sound like much, but to me, it means quite a lot. It's THREE times as much than I give to some of the creators I myself am pledged to, so thank you very much!
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Wow, $5? That's how much monthly membership for RuneScape used to cost! ... Or does nobody know this reference? ... Anyway, the point is, $5 is an amount some people would pay for a monthly subscription of some kind, which means quite a lot! You're telling me that you're willing to PAY to keep viewing my content, which is super awesome! Thanks so much!




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About Aquablade11

Why hello there! Welcome to my Patreon page! My name is Michael, otherwise known as Aquablade11. I like playing video games, especially games like Pokemon and Fire Emblem. Sometimes, when I'm feeling really dangerous, I record myself playing one of these games, make some stupid video about it, and upload it to YouTube! Other times, I actually broadcast the playing of said game on Twitch!

If you would like support me on a monthly basis that doesn't guarantee any reward other than the feeling of generosity, you are more than free to pledge to me here on Patreon! There was a time in the past where the different tiers had very specific rewards, but those have since gone away for one main reason: I no longer have the time to dedicate to the rewards I promised. Why? Well... I have a child, so... my time is rather limited.

Nowadays, if you do pledge to me here, your CHANCES of some sort of reward are increased, but unfortunately not guaranteed. One thing that I am more than happy to do on occasion is have a guest join me for either a video recording or a livestream! If I'm ever in the mood to invite a new guest that I haven't had before, your chances of being asked are significantly increased if you are a patron, or have been one in the past!

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this, and please know that your viewership of my content already means a lot to me. If you are unable to pledge or simply don't want to, I completely understand! If you decide to pledge, however, please know that I truly appreciate it! Thank you again, and Rock On!


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