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+ Kilobyte role on Discord server!

+ Look forward to downloading rigged meshes with low res (1024x1024 max) textures!

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+ Megabyte role on Discord server! Chat with the Big Bytes (Megabyte & Gigabyte)!

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+ Medium resolution (2048x2048 max) textures with rigged meshes!

+ Unity package already set up to upload with basic VRChat avatar functionality! Functionality included:

1) Basic visemes, if applicable

2) Materials and textures already set up and optimized

3) A scene ready to go! Just load it, upload to VRChat, and done!

* All previous tier perks!




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I'm a 3D artist, so I make 3D art. I mostly make VRChat avatars, and that's what I'll be distributing here!
I make public and private avatars. I also take commissions for monster-type avatars! (My "Slendy" character is a good example of what I like to make.) I may accept other commissions, depending on the request. (My commissions are not free or cheap.)

VRChat is where I live at night. I'm a largely nocturnal person.

Everything I make is made from the ground up ("from scratch"), or using free or commercially licensed content (such as base meshes, shaders, etc.). I do not distribute any copyrighted content! If a VRChat avatar I make uses Dynamic Bone, you will have to pay for Dynamic Bone yourself. Similarly, I do not include any custom shaders with any Unity packages (such as Poiyomi or Mochie shaders); you must downoad the shaders yourself.

Anyway, thanks for visiting, and hope to see you on my Patrons list soon! :)
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Keeps my Maya and ZBrush licenses active for another month. Without these, I can't create new content!
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