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Spiderling are the babies of the Arachnid Room! Here you will have the opportunity to join the discord with other patreon members! 

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Welcome Juveniles! Welcome to tier two(: Here you will get the opportunity to join the Arachnid room Discord as well as getting an AR sticker signed by me! It's a pleasure to have you here.

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Welcome ARACHNIDS! This is the top tier! Here you will be able to participate in the discord with other members(ARACHNIDS get the option to create new channels within the server), get an AR sticker, as well as being able to see behind the scenes clips that were cut from videos!




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About Arachnid Room

Hi guys! Welcome to the Arachnid Room. So, I've always loved nature, loved animals and everything it had to do with it. There was always one thing that just kind of freaked me out. SPIDERS. I have actually overcome this fear and now have six arachnids! Five tarantulas and one scorpion. I believe everyone should get the chance to really witness the beauty of these creatures and I would love to have you guys follow on this journey. Conquer your fears and join me and thousands of others in the hobby. It really is a wonderful experience and sharing it with the world is what I want to do. Thank you guys for reading and thanks for the support. You can find me on youtube at the Arachnid Room and instagram at Arachnid_Room!
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When I reach 50 patrons, I will put two videos a week out as well as add to my collection of tarantulas.
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