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It all started when I saw a still image of a city with a flickering light (I wish I could remember the name of the artist) and I wondered what if a comic could be still and yet moving at the same time?

But before that it started when I wanted to create a graphic novel that was more than entertainment. A story that was about accepting people different that you, a story about finding truth, a story about conquering all obstacles that stand in your way, even when your biggest obstacle is overcoming your own failures and shortcomings. A story about having the courage to act and the courage to change. 

And so I bring you Global Defense Corps: Account of an Alien Apocalypse. The comic is available to the world to read for free. Your support as a Patron will allow me to continue to create this content quicker and better and maybe even as a full time career (and you'll get some pretty sweet exclusive content too!)

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