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We're just like friends! I will send you a thank you message on Facebook (through my PERSONAL account) and i'll follow you if you're an artist :) plus:
  • Access to patron-only goodies such as early demo versions of upcoming songs, new idea snippets, artwork and behind the scenes stuff


  • Connect with other patrons


  • Hear all the news & plans first & get to offer feedback on new songs before they come out 


  • FREE download of new music as it comes out in MP3 
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You guys will be sustaining my career! 

For as long as you remain a patron you will get: 


  •  Free MP3, Wav or Flac downloads of every song I release 
  •  Some little extras from time to time: Instrumentals, acapellas, notes, behind the scenes talk about the songs & other goodies. 
  • Lemme help you! I can tell you anything I know about music production, with tips and feedbacks on your creations :)


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You are awesome, I mean seriously. As long you remain a patron, you'll get:


  •  All the steps above, obviusly
  •  Claim your authority! Request a specific style for my next song. (I can't answer ALL requests, i'll be composing only tracks that i think they're be cool comparing to my skills/contacts: for example, I can't produce POLKA haha)


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Yeah, that's kind of a lot of money, but:


  •  All the steps above, obviusly
  •  Get access to Guitar & Orchestra Stems / Backing Tracks for all my music. 
  • REMIXES. Of anyone you want; just ask me "Make a skyrim remix!" and boom, i'll do it :). I need to pay the rights owner artist, that's why it's quite expensive.
$11 of $300 per month
When I reach that goal, i'll be uploading TWO tracks per week
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