is creating Handicrafts: imitation jewelry, basketry, jewelers.




per a piece of jewelry or basketry or others


From the Quechua, "arawi" means "poetry", we have taken that feeling for our handicrafts.
Transforming, coloring, embellishing, arawi is for us what is found in everything, in wood and seed, in paper or leather or wool, in plastic, metal and stone. The world gives us the raw material, to turn an idea into a unique piece, from jewelry to furniture for the home.
Our work is done with the hands, but above all with the affection printed in each work, thinking about who will use it, how it will enjoy it and with the joy that for us implies the whole process: collection of waste materials, design, search of information and, finally, the creation of the product.
It drives us intuition; We experience techniques through rehearsal, we are self-taught. Formed in “other” disciplines, not artistic, we gather for curiosity and creativity, for the desire to learn, recognize and find ways to bring people the craft of the unexpected.
We are motivated by the care of the environment and trying to put our grain of sand to the benefit of mother earth, we use the materials we recycle in our homes and in the homes of those who wish to collaborate, allowing a significant reduction of waste.

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