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'People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.' Yeah, and those who build them shouldn't throw stones either.


I can tell you with the greatest certainty that all Ink Whelle wanted to do was buy a new faucet for her collection. Of course, everything had to go to hell, and it all began when Ink fell down a staircase and crashed into the most pitiful prince that world had ever seen.

What happened next was a whirlwind of festivals, kidnappings, ear-drum burstings, and revelations...
Step into the world of the Tambertesque, and your life will soon begin.


Oh hello there. My name is Autumn, and I write because I have ideas that won't stay put in my head.

The above is the teaser summary for my star novel, The Glass Fortress. Any and all contributions you decide to pledge to me would go towards paying for the successful editing and publication of this novel, which is over 6 years in the making and is yearning to reach a larger audience.


A. R. Brookshire is a 24 year old single mother living in the Midwest. She is currently working on her associates of the arts and is interested in pursuing her masters in communication. She has been writing since she was 13, and began writing The Glass Fortress after the idea came to her in a dream during 8th grade.

The Glass Fortress reached the front page of Inkpop in 2010 and remained there for months, but unfortunately was never taken before the HarperCollins review board.

Some reviews for The Glass Fortress;

"This was such a humorous and clever read. I really enjoyed the pacing and the way you introduced your characters. There weren't too many, but just enough to keep us interested. Prince Rennit was just hilarious to read about. His moody nature and now his fascination with Ink (really great name, by the way)
You have one of the most unique styles of writing and I would totally love to be in your head right now because you have a GREAT imagination. This is picked."  -
Carrie L McRae

"This is some of the loveliest storytelling that I've come across on inkpop. There's a certain 'zing' to the narrative that I just loved. The names are cool. I love how it has a fairy-tale sort of feel, but then there are modern things thrown in, like department stores and cell phones. The characters actually have character. Unique personalities just pop off the page. The first chapter does an excellent job of introducing us to the characters and setting, while moving along at a good pace and keeping our interest. I was highly entertained, and I can't think of a single critique. :) Headed straight for my picks, and I wish you the best of luck on inkpop with this story! Such fun!" - WendySue

"A slightly crazy, happy prince who turns annoying people into statues? I’m hooked already. And the mention of a cell phone indicated that this isn’t your average fantasy. All in all, your characters are beautiful and individual, and I really like your style of writing. It’s like a quirky fairytale, in the absolute best possible way." - Ichthus~fish
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