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Hooray! You've stepped in into the Arcane Circle! Even though you're still a noob of a mage, you have succeed in controlling Mana. Now you have the power to open those pesky Pickle Jars, and that's it...

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Who are we?
Hello, We are Arcane-Works! :D
We are a group of friends that make illustrations for fun and practice.
Each of us has our very own drawing style, so you might see the differences in our works.
Even so, each of our work were made through our practice and each other's support. :3

Why are we in Patreon?
We need your support to improve and create more content.
We're hoping that we can add more variety of content to our Patreon later on.
Which is why, each of your support is needed! :3

What kind of content do we make?
For now, we will only make illustration.
But worry not!
We will add more content such as animation alike in the future! :D
(We are still studying animation. So, kindly wait until then. :3)

Our Patreon have been off for some time, but now we're back! :D
We change some stuff, but don't worry!
We're still the same as ever.... :3

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