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is creating ethereal, fairy tale inspired paintings
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Every garden starts from a collection of seeds. You have my thanks for your support.
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A Look Into The Future
  • See patron-only sketches from this month and participate in a monthly community poll to pick your favorites. One of the top two will blossom into a finished painting in the next month.
  • See new original paintings first and have the chance to collect the originals and giclées before everyone else.

Additionally, all Clover patrons and above have a 10% discount on prints of the art, future and past, that you've supported me in bringing to life. 

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From My Garden To Yours

Every month I will be sharing one or more high resolution images that you can add to your collection along with a behind the scenes look. 

Witness New Art Blossoming

Stop by for patron-only live streams of me painting. You will see the pigment move with the water and see how the artwork evolves. Caveat: I am a work from home mom and summer is the busy festival/convention season so these may be irregular.

And All Previous Rewards

  • 10% off all print purchases
  • First access to purchase all originals (excluding those under contract
  • Voting on patron only sketches



About Holly Morningstar

Hey, peeps! I'm Holly Morningstar, and welcome to my place here on Patreon. I create ethereal, whimsical, and often erotic watercolor paintings. My work is my way of navigating my human, feminine experience.

I gave birth to my son, Lucien Alistaire, at the end of 2017. Since then, a large portion of my recent work has been rooted in figuring out who I am as his mom. I've also been creating pieces specifically with my little dude in mind as we combat toxic masculinity and simply get to know each other in this world.

I am an animal rescue advocate and at the core of many pieces I've created is my experience as a shelter volunteer and fur-mama.

I am also a feminist, and as stated above, a lot of my work is sensual and erotic. It is my way of embracing my sexuality and unapologetically celebrating who I am as a female after being uncomfortable in my own skin for years.

I'm choosing to create a community on Patreon to disclose portions of my adventure that likely wouldn't be appropriate for communities like Facebook or Instagram. I include write ups with all of my prints about the inspiration behind my pieces, but I'm never able to be completely open with them and I want to create an honest dialogue here regarding those experiences. I will also be including reviews of festivals and conventions where I exhibit, and other business-related information in addition to occasional parenting shenanigans.

I hope you'll go with me on this journey and choose to support my efforts.


Morningstar? Yup! Some of my ancestors immigrated from Germany where the surname was Morganstern. It refers to the medieval weapon; the spiked on ball on a chain. It was translated to English after moving to the states.

What does artworks under contract include? These are pieces that are committed to being shown in a gallery or done as a commission for a project. There are stipulations around what I can show in progress, and when I can make things available for sale.

I am interested in a piece that is showing at a gallery. Can I still buy it? You can contact the gallery about making a purchase, or you can contact me and I can help you reach someone at the gallery.

What permissions do I have on the high-res images? You may print it for your own use, as cellphone and computer wallpaper, and similar other se cases. It does not extend to commercial uses such print sales or used as a component of other products that are being sold such as a book, clothing apparel, or beer cans. For non-profit or charitable uses, please reach out to me.

Are you available for commissions? Yes, depending on your schedule needs and the project.
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Part-time (20 hours/week) dedicated focus on art
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