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is creating podcasts about archaeology and anthropology
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About Michael Rivera

Hello, everyone!

Let me explain what this Patreon page is all about:

Why do you want me to become a patron?
In the summer of 2018, I made a huge decision to leave the academic research environment for a while and start this career path as a science communicator. The podcast is now my full-time job. Talking about archaeology and anthropology is a dream come true and work that I truly enjoy. Your monthly financial contributions would help me and the podcast immensely. It's simple enough to set up here on Patreon. With your help, I promise to continue introducing to you a wide range of exciting topics, and improve the quality of my interviews.

Thank you for considering this. Any amount you're comfortable giving is really appreciated!

What are the benefits of becoming a patron?
Most importantly, I will reinvest in the podcast and make it my mission to continue providing value to you -- the listeners.

As a thank you, I've prepared several incentives* for those giving at various patron levels:
  • access to patron-only posts on Patreon
    • includes behind-the-scenes photos and videos
    • exclusive Patreon-only podcasts (coming soon!)
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    • join a community of other people interested in archaeology, anthropology, podcasts and much more!
    • have your submitted questions presented to the experts
    • take polls on what topics you think Michael should explore
  • subscription to a monthly bulletin with links to the latest archaeology and anthropology news
  • printed cards and other merchandise
  • your choice of topic / guest, or you can even co-host the show with Michael (higher-tier patron levels only)
*Benefits that need implementing/shipping will be awarded after 3 months of continued patronage at the required level. Any new gifts added will be sent out to existing patrons as soon as possible.

What if I can't become a patron right now?
I completely understand your position. It's important to keep your funds for where it's most needed in your life. I'm still super grateful that you listen to the podcast and I hope you continue to enjoy the shows I'm producing!

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