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Think for a moment, what is THE book that changed your life? And who influences you? These two questions give rise to this archive project.
∆rchive of Creative Culture is a project that collects, exhibits, and creates programming around the books that changed the lives of their creative contributors. The project was founded in 2014 by me, Lacey Haslam, after the suddent loss of my guide and mentor. Seb’s death left a gap, he was the go-to person for insight and encouragement and upon his passing I realized this would no longer be there. Through this significant experience I began to question who and what influences us and how do we exchange knowledge in efforts to evolve creatively? How can we as individuals, and as a culture, document and preserve an object of significance from those we learn from? And how can these objects be made available for future generations? It is in these most personal and pivotal moments that lead us to who we are today.

Each book is gifted directly from the contributor’s personal library. The signs of use, dogged earred pages, notes, other markings are just as important as the accompaning Ex Libris–a hand-written note from the contributor describing their relationship with the book.

The contributors are asked to invite up to three people who have been influential to them and their creative practice. These personal connections are are documented as an online network map.

Highlighting the book as an object of personal significance and source for knowledge and inspiration, the project aims to pay special attention to rural and underserved areas to inspire young people and collaborate on preserving nuanced community culture. We do this through producing pop-up exhibitions, community events, workshops, and presentations with guest speakers.

Based out of Atlanta, GA, the project travels nationwide in a re-imagined 1973 Argosy Airstream––Archive Argosy. The next pop-up exhibition travels from Atlanta to San Francisco to present the collection at the Museum of Craft and Design from February 11-June 4, 2017.

Along side the book collection and pop-up exhibitions, we are creating a web-based network map. This online site, maps the contributors and their social connections. Your monthly support provides the funds document today’s creative culture and travel the project. Now more than ever, this project needs to be in front of people, promoting the power of creative minds across the country, from Tuscaloosa to Tulsa, from Chicago to Miami, get the picture. Both the exhibit travel and the mapping are crucial to the project and both have relative expenses that need covering. $500/month covers our network-mapping costs, and so our exhibit travel depends on you.

Goal 1: Consistancy
Setting an initial goal of $1000 per month enables the project to travel and produce 1-2 exhibitions/event within a 200 mile radius.

What the funds go towards:
  • 20 new books to the colllection
  • Website maintenance-updates with each new book
  • Gas
  • Staffing for exhibitions and events
  • Honoraria for artists
  • Materials
Goal 2: Go Farther, Do More
Because the project has successfully raised funds through crowdfunding in the past, we have added a second monthly goal of $3200 per month which would allow us to travel farther and reach more people.

What the funds go towards:
  • All from above 
  • 100 new books to the collection
  • One extended trip within a 750 mile radius covering gas, food and lodging, staffing, guest speaker stipend and materials budget.
  • Small marketing budget
  • Ongoing updates to the website

$0 of $1,000 per month
$1000 per month will enable us to continue growing the collection and travel to one community within a 75 mile radius six times a year. This community could be a school, farmers market, park, library, or museum. This monthly amount would cover gas, staffing, and materials.
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