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About Arcofarc

Arcofarc photography the imagination. He captures in our dreams these unreal images which the morning brings back us sometimes some vague memories...

For Arcofarc, each creation is a graphic adventure in which the most difficult is to know where to stop and accept that something is born...

"It is a work that intrigues, a work which takes us and which released more, a mix of fantasy and poetry which I totally adhered" - Michel Ghinet - painter.

Arnaud Crefcoeur, aka Arcofarc, was born in Namur. The virus of the image flows in him since his youngest age, contaminated by his photographer father. He then manipulates the image in depth during these studies in videography at the Academy of the fine arts of Liège.

As any digital creator, I work of course on computer, but what I like the most is to exhibit my work because I print creations on high quality paper to give my artworks a life OUT of the computer !

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When I reach $300 per month , ONE of my patrons will receive one print in HIGH quality print of one artwork !
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