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Also you get access to were you can download AEROS Plus for Odroid and Raspberry Pi boards.

You will also be named on as Patreon on the credit page.

You get also AmiCloud for ARM linux which you can use on Raspbian and other distributions if you like for easy peasy charing files and roms (did i say that ? : D )

You will also get EmuLA. And you can keep it if you stay at least 12 month with us.

All Patrons get also a general discount of 3% at 
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Every month, I'll have a Patreon-live chat with all of you awesome $3+ patrons, plus all previous rewards.

To keep the EmuLA lifetime subscription you will need to stay only 4 month with us. Than you can keep everything you got at this point.
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You get all previous rewards.
You'll receive AmiCloud Pro which features for now 25GB instead of only 5GB as long you stay with us. If you cancel, it will fall back to the basic account with 5GB storage.

To keep the EmuLA lifetime subscription you will need to stay only 3 month with us. Than you can keep everything you got at this point.




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UPDATE: 18th of March 2017
1.) If you own an indieGO! console and support us with 1€/month, you get an extended warranty on all parts.

2.) As soon we reach a collected sum of 300€ I will choose randomly one of the existing patrons (which donated at least once = payment has to be completed) who will get a indieGO! XU4 pure system including 1x Joypad and USB-Hub.*

3.) The price of an indieGO console for non-patrons of the project (an so non VIP's on is 80€ higher.  

* Currently we are at 75€. In April it will be 150€ if no one more applies as Patron. 
The first winner of an indieGO! will be announced at 31th of March. So far the winning chance is 1:5 .. not bad :)   

Some may know me from my projects already. I have seen the first time when I checked out the Amiga CD32 Game "Reshoot" . 
Since I am offering AmiCloud and an AEROS subscription, I have thought it could be make sense to use this platform as well. 

I am not working alone.. to be honest the main work is done by others like Fabio Falcucci, Christoph Metering, and Szilard Bíro to name a few. So the contributions you are making here will be spend to pay them for additional tasks and works. The more we get support, the more time we can spend on our projects instead of making a run for a living. 

My hope is that we can speed up development this way by a factor of 10. In the moment we develop.. try to sell.. wait until we have enough together and continue to develop.. This process is slow and happens only at weekends. With your help we can speed up things. And when you help us, you can also suggest us things and we will listen to you whenever it makes sense ; )

Thank you!

Never-ending projects are:
AROS Broadway for i386
The indieGO! Appstore for Amiga, PC, Mac and the indieGO!
EmuLA - the Emulation launcher
AmiCloud the dropbox killer with no traffic limitation and soon the option to rend Virtual machines (pro users get one for free)
Projekt Lila Remastered is now underway (you can still grab one of 500 copies)
Catacomb 3D is in the works by Szilard Biro and licensed by Flat Rock Software. 
AEROS is going to be available for Orange Pi
The indieGO! will become available soon and we would like to make it better with every software  update
Amiworx started with a new project for us called "Oh No! More Aliens"
and much much more... You can become part of this! Become a Patreon!

$8 of $300 per month
If we reach 300€ a month we will raise the AmiCloud storage to 10GB for basic accounts and 30GB for Pro Accounts (which every Patreon get's if he or she supports us with at least 5$ a month)
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