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About argodaemon

I primarily make MLP animations in Source FilmMaker.  Started back on February of 2013 and ended up being pretty good at it.  Been doing it ever since.

There are costs involved in doing these, be it software, hardware, or craploads of time.  It has basically become my second job (albeit an enjoyable one).  All support will go to paying for those and possibly allow me to expand.

Videos I upload that involve tutorials, timelapses, scenebuilds or similar will not be included.  Only content I feel is a finished and refined animation, be it 30 seconds or 7 minutes.  Expected uploads are once every couple months at the most, but will probably take longer (these things take time). Super short videos are charged every other.

Do know that Fallout videos are only a small portion of what I do and not all content will revolve around them.

I appreciate any support you can provide and look forward to making more content for you all in the future!
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