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is creating Graphic Novels and Concept Albums at Arhanta Comics
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About Camilo Nascimento

Hi, Camilo Nascimento here, guitarist and illustrator, founder of Arhanta Comics.

On a Quest... to strike a balance between exploration and documentation; strange dreams and epic tales, space operas, fantastic characters living the dream.

Goals- Large-format graphic novels with music; Samples of work are up at - Check us out, thanks!

Please Subscribe and Enjoy -
We love sharing our art and music, having fun with the process, sharing the progress here at Patreon and at our main site. We're continuously posting original work, stuff made to feed your engine.

Collaboration - This art is a result of collaborations between artist-friends at Arhanta Studio: writers, poets, musicians, coders, story-tellers and painters; having fun and art-focused nights in the studio. Creating worlds through jamming and sketching. 

Multi-Platform Webcomics -  responsive web design for a smooth read of our webcomics across all devices. We're leaning more towards Printed books these days, viewing the webcomics format as a way to share samples of novels and concept albums in the works...

Patreon Support - Your support helps us carve out more time for collaborative art-making. Your support means the world, thank you.

Manoel Camilo Nascimento
[email protected]

Be sure to check out our instagram's for the latest, too @arhantacomics @arhantastudio

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Arhanta Comics graduates to an official part-time job; instead of just late nights chipping away at the projects, phew!
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