Ariane Relander Art

is creating Ink, pencil & watercolour illustrations, tutorials & critiques.
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Foxy - (WIP, Tutorials & Tips)
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Through this pledge you will have direct access to:

■  WIP (Work In Progress pictures)

You will be able to follow each step of my work, professionally filmed/photographed with explanations of the different steps.

■  Tips & Tricks

Through posts or videos, I will share the different techniques I use for my illustrations and paintings.

Here is a list of example about what the posts/videos will be talking about:

ink strokes, shading techniques, building up layers, how to draw white fur, highlights and details, texture effects.
initial sketch, base layers, wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry techniques, drawing fur, drawing grass and bushes, masking fluid, etc.)
step by step, create contrasts, create highlight, create textures, avoid smudging, etc.

■  Material review & advices I will talk in depth about the material I use and how to select what is best for you.

■  Post-Production - How I prepare my drawings and paintings for instagram (scan, photoshop, resolution) - How I prepare my drawings for Fine Art Prints

Raven (time-lapse, more tips, Q&A, Poll)
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Through this pledge you will have direct access to:

 All previous awards


 15% off on my shop 

■  Time lapses of my creations 

2-10 minutes videos illustrating the whole drawing process of one of my works.

■  1 bonus post or video per month

■  Q & A
Each month I will have a Q&A where you will be able to ask me any question in relation to illustration/instagram/strategy

■  Poll
I will regularly ask you your opinion on which subjects you would like me to talk about in my next tutorial or posts. You can also ask me what drawing you would like me to do next.




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About Ariane Relander Art

Hi! My name is Ariane, I am a designer and illustrator living in Finland. On this page you will find all the behind the scenes of my works as well as learn different drawing techniques from pen and ink drawing to watercolors and pencil illustrations. 

I want to share with you as many tricks as possible to push your drawings and paintings to the next level or just make you fall in love with drawing again. 

$0 of $200 per month
This first goal would allow me to buy the adequate and essential supplies for my works. Ink pens are pretty expensive and given the size of my illustrations, they tend to wear out really fast. 
I am looking for the best brands that will combine good pigment, nice flow of the ink and comfort in the drawing.

The paper is also a pretty big cost but it is one of the most important factor when it comes to professional drawings. I want to provide the best quality in the work I create, share and sell to those who support me.

As my drawings and paintings are mostly black and white, I work as well with Indian and Chinese ink, and when it comes to bigger paintings, I run through a big quantity!

Finally, when it comes to packing and sending orders, I like to have beautifully and safely packed works. I therefore have a pretty consequent budget in packing supplies and would like to have it even more personalized.
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