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I write articles and books advocating a culture of reason and a politics of individual rights. I also host the Self in Society Podcast, where we explore what it means to flourish as an individual and a community.

Please find my work about philosophy and culture at and about politics at

You can help me produce this work by joining me at Patreon. And, by contributing $5 or more per month, you'll get exclusive access to my weekly Reason & Rights Letter, where I discuss books and podcasts, important issues of the day, films and television shows, and details about my works in progress (see details).

I have also written articles for such publications as the Colorado Sun, the Objective Standard, and Complete Colorado, and appeared on CNN, Devil's Advocate, and numerous other television and radio programs.

I'm the author of three books:

I'm looking for readers and supporters willing to consider different ideas, challenge popular narratives, and step outside of echo-chambers.

Your contributions mean that I can spend my time writing articles and publishing them online, at no financial cost to readers. Your assistance also lets me research books that I would not otherwise have the resources to write.

I hope that you will join me in this work by becoming a financial supporter, at whatever level fits your budget. Thank you, -Ari Armstrong
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