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is creating original short stories/vignettes, poems, and zines
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About Ari Fea

Hey everyone! My name is Ari, and I've been writing for the past 12 years; I decided to create my page to gain exposure and community for my writing. I generally write short stories or vignettes as well as zines centering around mental health, existential dread, being a brown girl in a white man's world and the struggles that come along with existing in those intersections.

So if you're here to join me on this journey, I humbly welcome and thank you. 

One new vignette and/or short story will be posted every Wednesday; poems will be published once a week on Sundays. Zines will have a different, irregular schedule at first, depending on how quickly I'm able to finish them, but I'm aiming for once a month
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When I reach $75 per month, I'll make a compilation of 5 stories and 5 poems I have published thus far (complete with unique doodles) and send them to patrons who are Sprouts and Flowers
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