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At this level, you'll be given access to a Q&A thread where you can ask questions about the novels and receive answers directly from me. You can ask as many questions as you like, and I'll answer as best I can.
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At this tier, you'll receive access to monthly warm-up writings that I do before I get to writing the novels themselves. One warm-up will be released per month, and all warm-ups will have to do with the novels themselves. You will also have access to all rewards offered at lower tiers.
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Hi! I'm Ari! Many of you might know me from my blog, where you've (hopefully) enjoyed my writing before. I'm working on a couple of novels right now, so if you like seeing my writing on the internet and want to see it in a bookstore near you, it'd be super helpful if you pledged!

I have two novel projects right now, both of which tie into high fantasy. The first, under the working title Illusionary, is a fairy tale take on nihilism and the meaning of meaninglessness. The second, titled Some Die Quietly, is a high fantasy meets cosmological horror story exploring the themes of existence and purpose.

If you're unfamiliar with my work and would like to see examples of my writing prior to pledging, you can read some of the posts on my blog, or you can email me and I'll send you an excerpt of some of my writing.

Please remember that this is a monthly subscription. You will be charged your pledge amount every month.

Why should I pledge?

Do you like reading books? Do you like reading high fantasy books? Do you enjoy supporting young people, new authors, or young people who are new authors? Do you personally like my writing and want to own your very own copy of my blood, sweat, and tears made manifest? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are exactly the kind of person we are looking for in our patron army!

Where does my money go?

Mostly, savings. I'm treating writing like my job - other than like, my actual job. So all the money gets saved up so I can use it for the goals listed on this Patreon page. Because, surprise surprise, hiring artists, editors, and publishers is super expensive. So all the money gets put away in the rainy day jar for until I have enough to spend it on those things.

What do I get in return?

Immediately after becoming a patron, you'll be treated to the first scene of the first chapter in one of my novels. That's pretty cool, right? If you pledge enough per month to reach one of the reward tiers, you'll also get whatever is offered in that reward, on a monthly basis. That's right -- it's not a one-time thing. Every month, you'll get to see some neat new writings from me and watch how the novel progresses.

I don't have enough money to pledge! How can I help?

Spread the word! Just tweeting about the Patreon or sharing it on Facebook is enough to help out if you aren't able to make monthly monetary contributions. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your friends of friends. Make a meme out of it and go viral.

I am a pledge who has access to your writing, and I would like to make a suggestion. How can I do that?

I'm always happy to hear suggestions from anyone who reads my work. If you'd like to make one, or if you find an error or want to make a criticism or something, you can email me here.

I would like to create a fanwork based on the content you produce. Can I?

Of course! Any sort of content you'd like to make is acceptable -- art, writing, music, whatever you'd like. I only ask that you credit me for the original work, include a link to this Patreon wherever you post your creation, and don't include information that would be considered a spoiler. Also, please don't monetize it -- e.g. sell as a print, etc.
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Call To Adventure

Once this amount is raised, I'll be able to hire an artist to help with some preliminary character sketches, which will help visualize the motion and actions of the characters and assist in more detailed sequences of writing. The sketches will also be released to patrons!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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