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is creating visual art, writing, and music
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I'll provide you with high quality scans/photos of my artwork, a PDF of notes describing each piece, and files from any other textual/visual projects I'm involved with.
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About Ario Barzan

My name is Ario. I love to draw, paint, compose music, and write non-fiction, but it's been difficult to turn any of it into a financially viable pursuit, due to both the subject matter's niche appeal and the general undervaluation of artists. Aside from freelance work, I've made ends meet with employment at various day jobs, but I'm still living paycheck to paycheck. Your assistance will allow me to spend more time creating and to purchase new drawing/painting materials when needed. In return, I'll provide you with:

- high-quality scans of my drawn/painted art
- comprehensive batches of videogame photography projects, only partially visible elsewhere
- MP3s of my music, most of it not uploaded anywhere else
- compilations of an ongoing Tumblr-centric series describing the architecture and ornamentation of Bloodborne and the Dark Souls trilogy
- a PDF of explanatory notes and inspirational images

Below are several examples of the visual art I've made since being on Patreon. My work is executed using non-digital/"traditional" media, and is architecturally based, with the occasional intrusion of more figurative stuff. I have a keen interest in drawing on the built and imagined lineage of past architects. As of October 2018, I've also begun a comic entitled UNDERBRICKERS that follows the creative and exploratory exploits of subterranean critters.

My writing on videogames, music, and architecture has been published on sites such as Kotaku (1), Heterotopias (1), Kill Screen (12), Unwinnable (12), Game Music Online (123), and Boston Hassle (12). My Gamasutra articles have been featured on the site's front page (1234), and I have maintained a site entitled Brick By Brick devoted to photographic projects and writings on the Castlevania and Souls series of videogames.

My first album, Vurgon, was released on the esteemed Ubiktune label, and I've released many compositions, ranging from house to reinterpretations of 16th century ditties, on Soundcloud since 2008. Click here to hear some samples of my music! Not least all, several friends and I have been working on a unique Wiki for a fictional universe since 2011.
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This will allow me to pay rent each month and, depending on my employment status, focus more ably on my art, music, and writing practices.
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