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About Arjay B. Araña

Hello friends! My name is Arjay B. Araña, and I’m the creator of Swordsman of the Word™. From my About page:

Swordsman of the Word is a blog about God and the Bible, but it is much more than that. This is also my own journey towards knowing God more through his Word, and towards understanding and changing my own life — and the world around me — in the light of that Word.”

I'm a born-again Christian, and I've been called by God to be a teacher and a missionary. This blog is part of my works, both in Christian education and the missions. It is solely dedicated to my personal essays and reflections — and its purposes are (1) to help you know God more, through his Word and through my own life, and (2) to share with you my passion and burden as a missionary of the gospel.

This Patreon page is the business side of my blogging, and it is my way of finding support, both for myself (so that I can serve God full-time) and for other Christian ministries, especially the missions. I have a special burden for the missions, not only to participate in missionary trips someday, but to financially support those who are already in the fields.

If you become my patron, you'll not only support my own efforts to share God's love to the world, especially through the written word, but you'll also support other ministries and missionaries who are actively working to share that love in many other ways. (For more information, please read the goals I've placed on the sidebar.)


For the purpose of promotion, I occasionally make public posting of the kinds of posts found only here.

But to my patrons, I reserve a special privilege. If you become one and support me for only $3 a month, you'll receive access to:

  • ALL my weekly reflections, which are based on the classic devotionals, Streams in the Desert and Morning and Evening: Daily Readings. These meditations, which are downloadable as PDFs, will give you a much closer look into my walk with God, and hopefully, help you in your own walk.

  • ALL my journal posts, which may include my musings on various topics, thoughts on Scriptures, prayers, etc. I have no schedule for this; I post whenever I have something worthy to share.

  • Any important news I might have about my life and ministry.
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To support me as a blogger and as a Christian worker is to support also the larger works of the Kingdom.

Besides serving as a source of my personal income as a full-time blogger, this Patreon account will also fund my other works for God and those of other Christians. (My other works will include my own missionary trips in the future.)

But first, I need $100/month just to get started. Then what follows are my Patreon goals in helping to advance God's Kingdom through financial support.
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