is creating an inclusive, family friendly Conway area Pokemon Go Experience

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Once a month you have 1 in 24 shiny chance day, every other day its 1 in 450. At the Speakeasy the odds are 1 in $1.

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- @Patron, access the the exclusive #patrons channel on Speakeasy Discord.
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If you catch half of your t5's you'll spend $2 for each legendary. Down in the Speakeasy, You pay $2 and you BECOME the legendary.

Discord Benefits
- @Patron, access the the exclusive #patrons channel on Speakeasy Discord.
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Pokemon Go doesn't even let you trade Mythicals, not even when you're Best Friends. Here, we trade Mythicals for only $3 and that's without even being friends.

Discord Benefits
- @Patron, access the the exclusive #patrons channel on Speakeasy Discord.
- @Opinionated, This tier awards the privilege of being a voice in the direction the community.
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Patronage is not required to be a part of our community

Conway, Arkansas' Pokemon Go Community

Conway Pokemon Speakeasy is a rapidly expanding and diverse community united with a common interest in Pokemon Go. Though centralized around Pokemon Go, the Speakeasy is first, a Conway community that helps one another well beyond the confines of a mobile game. We enjoy the game while doing our best to respect commerce, church services and other residents. Our events will always take these into consideration.

is a Conway, Arkansas Pokemon Go fanatic known for hosting raids, pvp tournaments, community and raid events, posting helpful articles and making appearances in youtube videos. This patreon exists for fellow players who have the financial means and appreciation to show their support in tasks ArlandSr undertakes for the Speakeasy Community. You will have the same experience in our community whether you are a patron or not. 

How the Donations are Allocated

Currently, all of the donations are allocated for raid passes used by ArlandSr, to host raids and lures for gatherings. Every raid pass funded here turns into a raid, the overwhelming majority are T5 Legendary Raids.and all of them are ran with community members. Again, patronage is in no way required to be a part of our community.

From May 26, 2020 to June 14, 2020 we hosted 108 Reshiram, 9 Latias and 6 Latios raids. That's just 3 weeks.

Most Pokemon Communities have trouble putting together Legendary raids entirely, but I try to make myself available so that everyone in the community is able to get a handful.

What do patrons get out of this?

Every tier get's access to the #patrons channel on the Speakeasy Discord. Additionally the higher tiers (Pinball Wizard and Legeshiny) get the @Benefactor role and with @moderators help shape the Speakeasy Community. You also help make Conway Pokemon Speakeasy a family. Without your support, many players would not have bountiful access to the higher tier raid bosses. We also have exclusive patron-only gatherings, while still maintaining inclusiveness as much as possible.

Can I contribute without using Patreon?
Absolutely. I often accept cash donations and manually assign the @patron role. As sketchy as this sounds, there are other expenses than just raid passes. I try to use anything left over to help fund our Silph Arena Cups (Pokemon Go PVP.)

Thank you for your Consideration

This is a charity where as little as one dollar can make a difference and more than likely this day provided someone with a shiny legendary pokemon. If you are reading this, that means you have at least considered a contribution and for that alone I would like to thank you.

It is important for me to express my gratitude for my patrons who enable me to help Conway's Pokemon Go Speakeasy community. It is also necessary that I inform that any patronage will not result in any exchange of Pokemon Go content.

Join us @

Conway Speakeasy Discord Server
Conway Pokemon Speakeasy
The Silph Road Community Page

34 of 50 patrons
50 Patrons would allow us to setup a community day event where people win prizes for the largest shiny, smallest shiny, et al. This is something we have been wanting to do for the past few community days and hopefully allow us the freedom to actually do it.
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