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About Arnev Sai

Arnev Sai is a project I started a few months ago. The Discord bot is quite huge and I put most of my effort and free time into this bot (this includes missing work). I didn't think it would get as big as it is, but my main setback of keeping it running are the costs. I am grateful to everyone who makes Arnev relevant and if you can't donate to me, promoting him is fine too.

Your funds will go to server maintenance and buying me a coffee. I pay roughly 90 USD (out of my own wallet currently) to keep it running smoothly. Because the bot is getting bigger, I may need to pay more than that to handle the load.

The Discord bot itself has a dedicated command for upgrades (which is sai upgrades). These upgrades do not add new commands, but rather more "spaces" for things like playlists, etc.

I never ask randomly for donations (like having the bot DM everyone about it). You are not obliged to donate, but it will greatly help me out and will give me the possibility of keeping it up.

Some Links: - The main website (under construction) - The support server.

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