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About The Duck Brothers


We are:
Ruben August Fischer Illustrator
Marc Joshua Barnes Writer

Together, we the DUCK BROTHERS have created:

It's a very unique Black-Comedy Comic Book series that explores the burden of welding limitless power, against the risk of never-ending embarrassment.

Here's a handy dandy preview of the madness within this comic

If fact if you got a buck to spare or are just curious you can get it right now on Comixology:

You may already be here because you bought the comic and dug it but may be asking:
"Bah! You got my dollar per comic what else could you possibly want?!"
Well, I am totally glad you hypothetically asked because it segways nicely into the next section.

We want to be able to deliver more comics more often. With your help we can dedicate more time to the comic that we are so passionate about and spend less time on less fun work projects we take on to pay the bills, support our families and such.

We are aware that we are not making what some would consider a mainstream comic and really want to give people that are into it more content and rewards in exchange for their much appreciated additional support.

We have a huge back catalog of material that we want to share with you all each month. And hope you all enjoy subscribing to what could be a considered an exclusive companion piece. Patreon allows us to expand on the lore as well as reward rad people who are into rad stuff and are super rad for helping us out
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When we hit this number either in pateron or in sales in Comixology. We will release the next issue in the Arnold Annuson comic.
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