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I am founder of the gift-economy community of communities -
We are connecting offers and needs and supporting the creation of bioregional gift networks. We even coordinate transportations on the platform.
  • I am coordinating the network
  • managing the open-source code
  • writing most of the code myself
  • designing the platform
  • blogging and vlogging about what we do
  • writing articles, announces, newsletters, campaigns to spread the word
  • filming and cutting interviews of communities that work with gift-economy
  • reaching out to communities and other networks with similar aims
  • sharing nice information on facebook.
  • speaking on conferences
  • giving workshops and individual consulting on how to use gift-economy in your daily life and projects

I worked in a eco-social media agency for 4 years. I learned making websites and corporate identity design, music production and sound-design and scripting for short movies. Also i learned some agile project management and sociocracy.
Now I quit my job, so I can support the projects that i like with my skills. I will post updates about that here. Usually they are cutting edge social innovations and don't have much money, if any, to pay me. So you could support me supporting these projects to make the world a better place!

I am a professional musician and music producer. I am producing bands and people that i like, mostly they also dont have much money. Also i play in a rock band and i have my solo project, that i would like to dedicate some regular time to.
$0 of $200 per month
I can totally make a basic living with this amount of money, without paying for shelter..
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